Solid World Partners With Sweetgum Labs

Solid World is pleased to announce a new partnership with Sweetgum Labs, a Web3 climate tech startup focusing on democratizing the carbon market by recording and tokenizing the carbon footprint of individuals. Sweetgum Lab has released a beta app called MOTE, which gives token rewards to people who participate in a low carbon emission transportation lifestyle.

In a statement announcing the partnership, Solid World Core Contributor Teele Tuuling said, “Sweetgum Labs helps to calculate carbon footprints, and Solid World helps to offset carbon footprints, so there is a perfect synergy here! Together we can make the world a cleaner place, a healthier place, and educate people on carbon markets! Thanks for believing in us and the power of WEB3 in climate!”

Vera Wang, co-founder and CEO of Sweetgum Labs also issued a statement, saying, “Synergy: we share very similar values with Solid World to build an ecosystem for people to access high-quality carbon credits. We appreciate the efforts Solid World has done so far and would love to join the group to together educate the market on carbon X web3 space and build the community on the value we believe in.”

Solid World DAO is creating a transparent carbon market that will enable the pre-funding of high-quality sequestration-based carbon projects to help them get off the ground. The platform will also enable the commodification of carbon credits, and provide much-need liquidity to the carbon economy. Solid World will also allow users to trade many different types of pre-purchased carbon credits from agricultural, reforestation, and blue carbon sources.

Join both of our communities and learn more at the links below!

Sweetgum Labs Website

MOTE App Twitter

Solid World Links

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