Solid World Partners With Kenza DAO

Solid World DAO is pleased to announce a new partnership with Kenza, the first web3-native carbon credit protocol for real estate. Kenza is empowering households to take climate action by using blockchain technology to credentialize carbon credits from their energy consumption. Its goal is to incentivize behavioral change by channeling capital from commercial real estate and institutions to environmentally responsible households.

Solid World Core Contributor Teele Tuuling issued a statement on the partnership, saying that, “If every person would make a change in their energy consumption practices — that would make the a world better place to live! Kenza DAO team is incentivizing private households to change their energy consumption practices, rewarding them with tokens, this is huge, this is how the change can be made! Solid Wolrd DAO is happy to partner up with such a generous project. Thank you!”

Carlos Infantes, a founding member of Kenza, also released a statement on the partnership, saying that, “The Kenza DAO team and I are excited to partner with Solid World DAO. We believe households must play a critical role in solving climate change, both in terms of emission reductions and behavioral change. However, we need direct economic incentives and better and faster financing tools. Solid World DAO can help our users access additional sources of capital to finance the retrofitting of their buildings and increase market exposure for their carbon credits.”

Solid World DAO is creating a transparent carbon market that will enable the pre-funding of high-quality sequestration-based carbon projects to help them get off the ground. The platform will also enable the commodification of carbon credits, and provide much-need liquidity to the carbon economy. Solid World will also allow users to trade many different types of pre-purchased carbon credits from agricultural, reforestation, and blue carbon sources.

Join both of our communities and learn more at the links below!

Kenza DAO Twitter

Kenza DAO Discord

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