Solid World & NutriLoop Partnership

Solid World
2 min readMar 22, 2022

Solid World is announcing a new partnership with NutriLoop, a company that integrates bio-waste into the food system with the aim to grow more nutritious food.

NutriLoop is led by inspiring people, like Markko who really want to make a difference. Their mission is to help people to understand the value behind recycling. It is not just about the rules made by the government, it is about so much more. NutriLoop helps to loop bio-waste back into our lives.
One of Solid World’s core missions is to help increase soil health for producing higher quality food, and NutriLoop helps to achieve this by turning bio-waste into fertilizers. It is about reducing human impact on nature! Happy to have people like that supported by our community!” Solid World Core Contributor Teele Tuuling explained.

Markko Mäll, CEO of NutriLoop, said, “Working with Solid Word is important to us because we are have a similar vision of a sustainable food system and regenerative agriculture. While Solid World focuses primarily on carbon sequestration, NutriLoop focuses on the use of biofertilizers in vegetable growing where increased carbon content is a consequence. In the context of ESG, Solid World mainly contributes to the environmental performance of NutriLoop, and therefore such synergies could be of great value to ESG!

He also imagined what the partnership could look like, saying that, “In reality, the collaboration could look like an organization or local government joining the NutriLoop biorecycling model, knowing that this resource is being used for the specific purpose of growing clean, local food that captures x carbon and has achieved x environmental impacts. It is in the latter that we need partners to reliably demonstrate this impact to our customers. Ultimately, the farmer is the hero of our shared vision, and companies can come to the rescue with their solutions and financial resources to help them realize our vision of a sustainable and circular food system.”

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