Solid World & Lemonade Stand Partnership

Solid World is announcing a new partnership with Lemonade Stand, a VC fund that focuses on early stage investments in the Eastern European region.

Solid World Core Contributor Stenver Jerkku said, “Lemonade Stand is well-connected fund in the CEE region that has can help Solid World DAO to reach European contributors. They know the big players in the space, and have already been extremely successful in helping us achieve Solid mission. Siim Teller is the type of guy who personally makes sure his partners become successful.”

Solid World and Lemonade Stand were both founded in Estonia.

Siim Teller, Managing Partner at Lemonade Stand, said, “Combine the most burning challenge in the world, a battle-tested team, a passionate community, and an existing supply side, to overcome the cold start problem — and you get Solid World. Boom! It’s a no brainer project to support.”

Lemonade Stand Website

Solid World Discord

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