Solid World & Kokonut Partnership

Solid World
2 min readApr 8, 2022

Solid World is pleased to announce a new partnership with Kokonut, a DAO that brings blockchain governance and open-source accounting, to the agriculture industry. Kokonut Network promotes, organizes, funds, and manages coconut farms. We gather funds from the community using the DAOHaus framework for decision-making and project development funds allocation.

In a statement announcing the partnership Solid World Core Contributor Teele Tuuling said, “After having a call with Alejandro from Kokonut, I saw deep passion and care in environment. What Kokonut DAO does in ReFi space is outstanding. Dominican Republic has now a good green project to support coconut trees. I also think it is generous that you teach all the locals about web3. I am happy to be aligned. Also in the future Solid World DAO wants to fund your carbon projects! Let’s make world a better place to live!”

Kokonut also issued a statement saying, “As we were doing research about the #Refi ecosystem, we found a common denominator “tokenized carbon credits” this is huge because of the upsides for the planet and the local economies that are going to be receiving all types of benefits ranging donations, health marathons, local farmers and so on.”

Solid World DAO is creating a transparent carbon market that will enable the pre-funding of high-quality sequestration-based carbon projects to help them get off the ground. The platform will also enable the commodification of carbon credits, and provide much-need liquidity to the carbon economy. Solid World will also allow users to trade many different types of pre-purchased carbon credits from agricultural, reforestation, and blue carbon sources.

Join both of our communities and learn more at the links below!

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