Solid World & GrüenDAO Partnership

Solid World is pleased to announce a new partnership with GrüenDAO, a collective that develops and operates a decentralized carbon market. GrüenDAO fights climate change by investing in and monetizing carbon credits and climate change technologies.

GrüenDAO carbon bank provides banking and currency reserve services for the carbon economy. It is designed as a universal independent infrastructure that connects fragmented carbon credits from legally binding and enforceable compliance carbon markets.

In a statement announcing the partnership Solid World Core Contributor Teele Tuuling said, “Solid World DAO is helping to fund carbon projects and Grüen DAO is making sure that carbon credits are desired financial assets! Grüen DAO is educating people how carbon credits are valuable assets in the future. It helps a lot to build ReFi importance, thank you so much for doing that!

GrüenDAO also issued a statement of their own, saying that “We like that Solid World is defining themselves as a protocol that is funding the future of planet Earth. Not only that they are doing a good job by creating assets for the new low carbon economy, they also took the responsibility on educating the crypto world about the carbon economy which is a super important and urgent job for regenerative finance movement. Meanwhile, Solid World also try their best to fund as much as they can on new carbon projects to empower their contribution in the movements. Cause we all know, the planet will need a lot of us to be regenerated.”

Solid World DAO is creating a transparent carbon market that will enable the pre-funding of high-quality sequestration-based carbon projects to help them get off the ground. The platform will also enable the commodification of carbon credits, and provide much-need liquidity to the carbon economy. Solid World will also allow users to trade many different types of pre-purchased carbon credits from agricultural, reforestation, and blue carbon sources.

GrüenDAO Website

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Funding the future of planet Earth

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