Solid World DAO Update For October 2022

The month of October was very busy for Solid World DAO, and we want to share some of the highlights with you!

This month’s DAO highlights:

  • One of the biggest carbon prop trading desks has confirmed to be our LP!! We can’t reveal their name yet, but they are going to supply forward investment contracts to our platforms.

New Opportunities for you!

  • We are collecting commitments for our collateralized baskets and offering opportunities for some of our valued investors to become market makers, where they can earn a compelling risk-adjusted APR + have exposure to the principal of cross-collateralized forward carbon credits, which are expected to reach $100 T/CO2 by 2030 from $20-$30 T/CO2 now.

New Articles and Podcasts!

  • Rez shared his thoughts about the recent comments from Verra and Gold Standard about Carbon Credit Tokenization on a recent episode of This Week in ReFi. This week, a new episode also featured a deep dive on the downfall of FTX.


  • Please reach out if there are any hedge funds in your orbit.

About Solid World DAO

Climate projects want to stop climate change, but climate finance is untransparent and slow. This makes it incredibly hard for someone like an Indonesian mangrove or Spanish reforestation developer to find financing, which can take years. We are using DeFi to close the climate financing gap through fair, transparent and liquid markets with our Web3 protocol in a fast-growing market expected to reach $50B by 2030.

Solid World DAO is using DeFi to close the climate financing gap in the world’s first carbon supply-chain finance protocol. We deliver investor trust to the space with our world-class carbon de-risking model and infrastructure that guarantees transparent price, buyer and seller 24/7. Our supply-chain financing protocol will increase capital deployments in the carbon markets. We are backed by Greycroft, Taavet+Sten, Possible Ventures and other climate x Web3 funds. We have partnered with the top companies in the ESG and web3 space like SCB, Vlinder, Emsurge, Arbol, SustGlobal, Toucan, Flowcarbon, OFP, raised $2.7M of funding and have $5.5M TVL committed.



Funding the future of planet Earth

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