Solid World DAO & Return Protocol Partnership

Solid World
2 min readMar 15, 2022

Return Protocol is taking on one of the most important challenges in the crypto space by automatically offsetting the carbon footprint of blockchain transactions using an NFT that stays in the user’s wallet. Users will be able to offset the carbon footprint of their blockchain transactions using a variety of different crypto assets, including Solid World’s Solid Carbon Ton $SCT.

“Solid World and Return Protocol together are like paradigm shifts of carbon markets, that will help carbon markets operate as intended.When I met the team at ETH Denver I knew instantly that their hearts and minds were in the right place. Everyone is looking to blockchain technology to help solve this climate crisis, and with more activity moving onto blockchains, what Return Protocol is doing makes so much sense.” Solid World founder Stenver Jerkku said.

In addition to having our assets listed on their platform, Solid World will also be entering a collaborative partnership with Return Protocol where we recognize that we are on the same mission to improve society and save our planet with blockchain technology. Our teams and communities will now share resources, opportunities, and information with one another as we work towards our common mission.

In a statement announcing the partnership, Return Protocol said:

What Solid World DAO is working on will become a large unlock for the real world climate-tech industry in the future, through their work to pre-finance carbon projects, there is now a very valuable and tangible source of funding for those that need it to make our planet a more sustainable place.

This is why it’s an important partnership for Return Protocol. Being able to offer our users the ability to passively support the pre-financing of projects the way that Solid World enables, can empower complete participation in regenerative finance from the start of the journey to the finish. Helping to further Return’s mission to accelerate the mass adoption of regenerative finance.

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