Solid World DAO Partners With Toucan

Solid World
2 min readMay 18, 2022

Solid World DAO is pleased to announce a new partnership with Toucan, the largest on-chain certified carbon credit meta-registry. Toucan builds accessible tools to bring carbon markets on-chain: A Carbon Bridge, Carbon Pools for deep liquidity and the Toucan Meta-Registry — a global carbon ledger.

In a statement announcing the partnership, Rez, Head of Protocol for Solid World DAO, said, “Toucan is a foundational element of the ReFi landscape. Without them, we would likely not be seeing this explosion of interest in creating regenerative protocols for the betterment of our planet. We are honored to work together with them to solve one of humanity’s most pressing challenges.”

Charlie Pool, Head of Partnerships and Community at Toucan, also issued a statement on the partnership, saying that, “Solid World DAO is rethinking the way planet-positive projects receive funding, by making it affordable and accessible to start initiatives that help address the greatest threat of our time. We are excited to partner with Solid World DAO and are looking forward to jointly solving one of the key challenges carbon projects are struggling with today. We will collaborate on creating standard data formats for the on-chain carbon markets. Solid World DAO will also derisk the forward markets, make them liquid and enable DeFi loans. This will ensure quality supply for Toucan and create financial primitives for Toucan to extend their infrastructure to keep building world class carbon credit rails to the market.”

Solid World DAO is creating a transparent system that will enable the pre-funding of high-quality sequestration-based carbon projects to help them get off the ground. The platform will also enable the commodification of forward agreements, and provide much-need liquidity to the carbon economy.

Solid World DAO and Toucan recently hosted a Twitter space to discuss the partnership. You can listen at the link below:

Also, join the communities for both Toucan and Solid World at the following links:

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