Solid World DAO Becomes Independent Foundation

Solid World
2 min readJul 8, 2022


Solid World DAO is happy to announce that it has spun out from eAgronom and has finalized the process of becoming an independent foundation! This is our first step in gradual decentralisation and has always been a part of our vision. We are excited to begin our next chapter as we continue to build in anticipation of our launch in early 2023!

Solid World DAO is also happy to announce that Al William Tammsaar, or Rez, as he is known in public, has officially become the founder of the DAO. Rez has pioneered the unique infrastructure that Solid World DAO is building and has also been featured in Time as thought leader in the space.

Solid World is building the world’s first public-good infrastructure for transparent and liquid forward carbon credits. They help carbon investors de-risk their forward deals and make them liquid. This enables them to earn a yield on their forward credits to become more capital efficient, easily rebalance their portfolio or collateralise their forwards to take out loans against them.

These are very specific pain points in the growing carbon markets, which were identified by Solid World Founder and Chairman Stenver Jerkku. Stenver had first hand experience in the industry with a successful agritech business that he co-founded called eAgronom, which helped to bootstrap Solid World DAO in the early stages of its development.

The goal of the infrastructure is to drive more investments into the carbon space and help to stop climate change. They have partnered with multiple key players in the space like SCB, Emsurge, Toucan, Flowcarbon and many others.

eAgronom has been a huge help and will continue to be a strong partner in the years to come, but it was essential for Solid World to gradually decentralise and become an independent foundation.

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